Gentoo Experience

April 8, 2007 at 1:08 am Leave a comment

i wanna share some of my experience installing gentoo linux, coz failed to install successfully my LFS heheeh.. fustrating eh. Anyway, i just downloaded the live install cd at (600mb), typical installation.. boot from the CD, then the live CD will automatically load. What amazed me is the speed of the liveCD, as if your running the system on your HDD, anyway.. there’s two method of installation(other than the minimal CD which is LFS style installation). i choose the console based installation, follow the wizard, and puff.. after a couple of minutes, its done (chatting, surfing while installing is what im really amazed of.. u can do that on some other distro e.g. ubuntu, but u’ll experience some lagging).

after installation, i sync it, issuing the command #emerge –sync and took also a couple of minutes to sync, after syncing… i install a new kernel, download the source code, compile it, put it on my grub.. and reboot the computer, use the newly compiled kernel.

its really a worth trying.. 🙂 though a little bit techie..

one thing, Gentoo uses Gnome as a default desktop(which i really loved)

here’s some screeny…


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